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ESCLA was founded based on human interaction being successful and meaningful.

We provide interpretation, translation, interpreter training, coaching, and language access planning solutions for your staff and clients.


As a Hispanic, born and raised in a border town to Mexico, I noticed the need for accurate interpretation and translation services to be made available to everyone. I had been ‘interpreting’ for my mother, father, aunts, grandparents, and friends for what seemed to be most of my life. I soon realized how happy it would make them understand what was being said by the English speaking person. I loved the look on their faces at the end of the day! Nothing could take away that sense of satisfaction from me!


While I loved doing this, I realized I needed more training to do it correctly. I took Healthcare and Psychology courses with Nursing as my goal. 


I began my healthcare career in 1987 as a community volunteer. I served mostly Hispanic, low-income families in a hometown clinic. Since 1992 I have worked as a community interpreter and translator in various hospitals, clinics, and mental health facilities. I worked in patient care roles within hospital departments, including NICU, Pediatrics, Intensive Care Unit, and ER. I also assisted in administrative departments including Risk Management, Patient Advocacy, Provider Services, and Training and Development teams.


I continued to volunteer as an interpreter and translator in the community and as needed in my workplace. In 2001, I was offered a full-time job as a telephonic interpreter. Since then, I have found my passion, and my journey has led me to provide that same smile at the end of the day through ESCLA.


Thank you for taking the time to view my page. I look forward to working with you.




Cynthia Peinado, CMI - Spanish


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